Thursday, April 10, 2008

Say Goodbye, Start Anew

I am starting a new job on Monday and I'm really excited and scared and happy and nervous. You know, the usual when you owe the government lots of money, are trying to buy a house and decide in the middle of it all to switch jobs and start something new. That's how life is I guess. I think if something comes your way that excites you and feel right, you should go for it even if it's unexpected and outside of the "plan". So here we go, I'm switching jobs out of the blue and after realizing that income tax is ridiculous here in Oregon, I think the IRS may come and take all of the things I own. While clearing out my desk and removing pictures from the wooden pole that sits next to me, I found a couple fun things.
One of my teachers at PNCA gave me this print. The illustration was done by Brent Wick who did a huge cat mural at the Ace Hotel here in Portland.
The other is this label from one of those Chronicle Books box'o'labels that I bought before the holidays when they had that big sale. I love labels. Everything I sell in my shop gets sent out with tissue wrapping and a label on top.
Memories. No, I don't think I'll mind this quick tme of transition once it's done but for now I feel like I'm all nerves. Last nite the boy and I decided on something new that I'm really excited about. No television until 8pm. Records and games and the gym and other good things, but no television. Thrilling, right? But it feels good right now. I already found out that we share the same favorite season which is Spring if you must know.

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Jessica said...

8pm is a good plan. Brian and I go to the gym four times a week now so the 8pm rule pretty much applies to us as well. We are so alike! I can't wait to be in Portland next Saturday! XO