Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Colors

So the boy and I got some wonderful news on Friday and it looks like we are very close to becoming homeowners. Yesterday we strolled around in the Southeast near Divison Street and looked to see if there was anything in our price range. I think I'm abnormally excited about the whole thing and of course, one of the first places we looked at we wanted. The house buying experience seems so overwhelming to me. It's literally the most expensive thing we will ever buy (I mean until we get that $500K yacht in the mediterranean, of course) and you're supposed to just choose something, cross your fingers, and hope that it doesn't depreciate or fall apart or anything else that happens to houses all the time. I'm probably overly anxious about it at this point but I'm also so totally happy.
Anyway, expect some house type posts coming your way in the coming months. I will try my hardest not to make this a "Buying Your First House" blog but this whole process is probably going to consume my brain for a while so there will be a few things that will find their way up here.

So while trolling for houses on Division, we stopped at an estate sale. I found the Zodiac Pyrex casserole that I've seen online and never thought I'd find in person. Not to geek out, but it also had the 1960's stand with built-in tealight warmer and the lid with a matching gold star. This is a pretty good find and I even talked the price down a few bucks.
I also forgot to post another lucky Pyrex find. This one is the Crazy Daisy pattern found with matching lid. Shoot, my thrift store/estate sale luck is out of control lately! I paid $8 for each of these. I just looked on ebay for the Zodiac piece and there is one going for $80! WHAT?

Finally, here's a detail of the elastic band skirt I made with Jessica last weekend. I've made these type of skirts a ton. I think they are particularly nice because you don't need a pattern. I just measure my waist, add 3-4 inches and divide by 2. Then take some elastic and put it around your waist. Cinch it up until it feels tight but not too tight. Then cut out each side, sew the sides together, and sew down the top leaving a hole to thread the elastic thru. Once you thread the elastic, sew it together and then hem up the bottom of the skirt. I got this wonderful trim seen in the photo, which I added as well. It's very basic but perfect for Spring and Summer.

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