Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For the Little One

A few weekends ago when Jessica was in town, she left me this wonderful blue yarn. I knew right away that it was perfect for a hat for the new little mister in town. I'm planning ribbed around the base and then either stockinette or seed stitch for the rest. I love how it's knitting up so far. Usually I'm not much of a knitter when the weather starts to get nicer but something about a new baby in the family, always makes me feel like knitting no matter what the season. Maybe that gray cotton I got at Twisted will become a sweater for Christopher.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Colors

So the boy and I got some wonderful news on Friday and it looks like we are very close to becoming homeowners. Yesterday we strolled around in the Southeast near Divison Street and looked to see if there was anything in our price range. I think I'm abnormally excited about the whole thing and of course, one of the first places we looked at we wanted. The house buying experience seems so overwhelming to me. It's literally the most expensive thing we will ever buy (I mean until we get that $500K yacht in the mediterranean, of course) and you're supposed to just choose something, cross your fingers, and hope that it doesn't depreciate or fall apart or anything else that happens to houses all the time. I'm probably overly anxious about it at this point but I'm also so totally happy.
Anyway, expect some house type posts coming your way in the coming months. I will try my hardest not to make this a "Buying Your First House" blog but this whole process is probably going to consume my brain for a while so there will be a few things that will find their way up here.

So while trolling for houses on Division, we stopped at an estate sale. I found the Zodiac Pyrex casserole that I've seen online and never thought I'd find in person. Not to geek out, but it also had the 1960's stand with built-in tealight warmer and the lid with a matching gold star. This is a pretty good find and I even talked the price down a few bucks.
I also forgot to post another lucky Pyrex find. This one is the Crazy Daisy pattern found with matching lid. Shoot, my thrift store/estate sale luck is out of control lately! I paid $8 for each of these. I just looked on ebay for the Zodiac piece and there is one going for $80! WHAT?

Finally, here's a detail of the elastic band skirt I made with Jessica last weekend. I've made these type of skirts a ton. I think they are particularly nice because you don't need a pattern. I just measure my waist, add 3-4 inches and divide by 2. Then take some elastic and put it around your waist. Cinch it up until it feels tight but not too tight. Then cut out each side, sew the sides together, and sew down the top leaving a hole to thread the elastic thru. Once you thread the elastic, sew it together and then hem up the bottom of the skirt. I got this wonderful trim seen in the photo, which I added as well. It's very basic but perfect for Spring and Summer.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Just a quick post with a few cool links I found today in honor of the earth! If I compare my earth-saving techniques from last Earth Day to this one, I think I've made a lot of improvements although I still have a long way to go. I bought a reusable coffee tumbler a few months ago which is significantly reducing my waste output. I'm a two-cups-a-day drinker, so imagine in just one month, how many of those paper coffee cups with plastic lids are being saved! I also am really focusing on reusing glass jars and plastic containers that our food comes in for storage. The main thing that I am really proud of, is my resistance to plastic bags. I always request paper at the checkout or bring my own bag, and I also carry a large bag as my purse which means when those impulse purchases on my lunch or on the way home from work happen and I don't have my own shopping bag, I can just throw the item in my purse.

Here is some more awesome information:
This site has great info on plastic bags. Do you know that Americans use something like 30 billion plastic bags a year? FOR REAL!
And Martha Stewart has a interesting picture galley and information on eco-traveling. I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm all for trends that are good for the earth and if I was rich, I would want to spend my vacation money on this sort of thing. Check it out!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Little Mister

It's been a busy couple of weeks and first, there's one very important new comer I must introduce. My wonderful and adorable brand-spanking-new nephew, Christopher Rey. He's less than an hour old in this picutre and look at how alert he already is! The boy and I had a whirl-wind trip up to Seattle for his birth and I can't wait to head back up next month to see and hold him again.

This weekend, my wonderful friend Jessica came down from Seattle and we had a super crafty weekend. We hit up Fabric Depot, Knitten Kitten, Twisted and I finally got to eat at Pine State Biscuits. Look at Jessica enjoying the Reggie at Pine State, yum! Jessica also made a lovely set of placemats with oil cloth on one side and laminated cotton with trim on the other. It's a great, quick, project and the mats can easily be wiped off. It was one of her first times using a sewing machine and she did awesome. (Yay Jess!)

At Twisted I also got some really nice grey cotton yarn that will most likely turn into a hat for Christopher. They had a million other colors of every yarn type there as well! I love the cubbies that they use to store it all and how all the skeins looked together.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dress Up Friday

I've been thinking for a while that it would be cool to have themed days for the blog. Dress up Friday, for example. Not everyday of course, but a few. It may keep me motivated to update more often if I've got specific themes in mind. We'll see how it pans out. So today I'm introducing Dress Up Friday, for now anyhow.

I was on Anthropologie's site earlier and saw this gorgeous outfit. I love the belt and knee length skirts like this one always kill me. This reminds me of the fabric I have at home all ready for a couple of nice spring/summer skirts. Man, I really need to get on that!

This is from Forever 21. I'm sort of addicted to going into that store. I don't mean buying anything, I just like to go in and look around. That claustrophobic feeling of 16 year old hoochies tearing thru racks of clothing is comforting in some odd way. I walk around the store and touch the clothes and look at everyone. Is that creepy? I think it's just habit at this point. I have a lot of strange people watching habits but I think that's another story for another day.

This final one is my favorite. This local clothing designer goes under the name Frocky Jack Morgan and I swear, when I get married I want her to design my dress. Honestly, I'd get married in this dress. I love the wings and the silk. I love the pieced together part of it but how it maintains this sort of 30s or 40s feel. Her new studio is in this store Flutter on Mississippi that I love. They have small birds in a cage in the store and you always feel transported to somewhere magical when you're there.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Say Goodbye, Start Anew

I am starting a new job on Monday and I'm really excited and scared and happy and nervous. You know, the usual when you owe the government lots of money, are trying to buy a house and decide in the middle of it all to switch jobs and start something new. That's how life is I guess. I think if something comes your way that excites you and feel right, you should go for it even if it's unexpected and outside of the "plan". So here we go, I'm switching jobs out of the blue and after realizing that income tax is ridiculous here in Oregon, I think the IRS may come and take all of the things I own. While clearing out my desk and removing pictures from the wooden pole that sits next to me, I found a couple fun things.
One of my teachers at PNCA gave me this print. The illustration was done by Brent Wick who did a huge cat mural at the Ace Hotel here in Portland.
The other is this label from one of those Chronicle Books box'o'labels that I bought before the holidays when they had that big sale. I love labels. Everything I sell in my shop gets sent out with tissue wrapping and a label on top.
Memories. No, I don't think I'll mind this quick tme of transition once it's done but for now I feel like I'm all nerves. Last nite the boy and I decided on something new that I'm really excited about. No television until 8pm. Records and games and the gym and other good things, but no television. Thrilling, right? But it feels good right now. I already found out that we share the same favorite season which is Spring if you must know.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Vintage This and Thrift Store That

I've had some pretty serious thrift store finds lately. I'm very happy about my slowly growing pyrex collection. I check this site regularly for information about pieces I may have seen or picked up. The white and orange Butterprint bowl is from my fav store ReRun here in Portland (seriously, it makes me wonder how I went so many years without it up in Seattle.) The red casserole is a promotional piece from 1961 that I got at Thrift Town in Austin. I bought this guy because I love the acorns and imagine my surprise when I got home and found out it was a promo! Being a promo piece just means that it was a limited run and also if I chose to sell it on ebay or something that it might be worth more than $5. The nice thing about collecting Pyrex is that it's never going to be worth a whole lot so you just collect what you like. I like that because it helps me to keep my collection under control. If I find something but it's not my favorite thing, then I won't buy it because it's not going to be worth more than what I would buy it for.

I also scored this vintage fabric from Knittin Kitten last weekend. I have been wanting to go to this store forever and now that I've gone, I can tell it's going to become as much of an obsession as ReRun. I also nabbed a bunch of vintage ric rac and buttons while I was there. All absolute steals!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bolt Sale

For those of you in the Portland area, I just got an email from Bolt about their big April sale coming up. It sounds amazing! Here's the details:
Our April store-wide sale is right around the corner. Mark your calendars and call your friends. On April 11th-13th (Friday-Sunday) ALL FABRIC will be 10-50% OFF!! You know that crazy twice-a-year sale we have, when you can find really fantastic prices on all sorts of goodies. The store is more than well stocked right now too–we don’t have room on our shelves for all of the fabric we’ve received in the last two weeks. We’ll also be marking down a selection of patterns, books and notions. The store will maintain its regular hours (Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5 and Sun 11-4), so be sure to come early on Sunday–we’ll have to close up promptly at 4 to set up for class.

In the same email, they mentioned the new Amy Butler fabric line, Midwest Modern. I got these samples from her website. Beautiful!