Monday, March 3, 2008

Please Welcome, Delman!

Definitely time to give the blog some love. Don't you think? Honestly, I haven't even had time to do anything very crafty lately. I did make the yellow felt balloons with ric-rac strings on the boy's birthday gifts and I made this awesome "card" out of an old container that is supposed to hold film negatives. I used the plastic holders inside to hold little typed messages of birthday love and small pictures of the two of us. The card is the plastic box with a blue cover in this photo.

Also, I forgot to post a picture of the boy's valentines gift. It's this cute little monster from this shop that we named Delman. In our house, all animals, stuffed or otherwise, must be named after Minnesota Twin's players and I guess Delman is one of their new pitchers. I'm just happy because Delman is actually a cute name. In past years I've had to choose from "Johann" and "Joey". While these names are just fine, I prefer something a bit more unique for stuffed animals.
Anyway, I have Crafty Wonderland coming up next weekend so I'll post some of the goodies I'm making for that, this week.

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