Friday, March 7, 2008

Crafty Wonderland!

This Sunday, March 9th, I will be participating in my first craft show since the new year and also my first craft show in Portland without the boy's help. On a normal "show day", we will go to Doug Fir together, he will help me unload the car and grab me a cup of coffee. I'm so frazzled the day of a show. Usually, I've been up all nite for the past two days, I'm always freaked out that I don't have enough merchandise and I find myself carrying armloads of onesies and tables without enough caffeine, which is actually a pretty scary thing for me. Anyway, the boy will be in Arizona so I'll have to do without.
This weekend I'll have new onesie colors (purple! orange!) as well as a brand new product I've never sold before, postcards. I'm really excited about these cards and I hope people like them. I printed them all on gocco and I gave some of them away for Christmas but I've never tried to sell them before. It's a great way for me to print up some of the stuff I've made in my design class too! I'm so sorry I've been lacking in the picture department lately. It's hard to find good natural lighting in the winter when you work all day. But, no excuses. I'll post some pics from the show because I'm really excited about the new products!

And finally, these pictures I found on the internets of vintage patterns. Honestly, I've never been that good at sewing with patterns. My mom defintely taught me how when I was a kid, but as an adult I sew clothes mainly by laying out fabric, putting a garmet close to what I want to make on top of it, cutting around that garmet and copying the sewing. Does anybody else do this? Well, I'm somewhat hopeful that taking a look at these patterns will pump me up to get actually use a pattern everyonce in a while.

Crafty Wonderland
Doug Fir Lounge
Sunday March 9th

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