Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Inspiration

I haven't posted inspiration pics in a bit so I thought I'd do a couple today.

I found this print on etsy. It's from John W. Golden's shop. Great color and great iconic image. Love it!

This pic is from an email Anthropologie sent me for their home line. I love Anthropologie and just got a duvet cover from them for christmas. ALWAYS an inspiration.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More SXSW...

Okay, okay. I promise a crafty update soon! But first, this video I found off Naughty Secretary Club's blog from the Bust party at South by Southwest. Both I and my lovely friend Jessica make guest appearances. Notice Jessica in the green dress, concentrating so hard on her tote bag. I, on the otherhand, stand behind her, basking in the glow of Elijah Wood, who had just stood 1 foot away from me.
Also, check this out. Some more Antelope Baby love! Looks like there were some pictures taken of my booth at Crafty Wonderland. Thanks Leah!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

South by South Awesome!

South by Southwest is sort of like Mardi Gras for hipsters. First, I am pretty sure I know where the majority of black denim is in the world: Austin Texas. Second, I am pretty sure I also know where the majority of silicone breast implants are: also, Austin Texas. It’s possible that this isn’t true during the rest of the year but during this past week, it was black jeans and fake boobs as far as the eye could see.
I arrived Thursday morning on a plane packed with Blood Brothers hoodies and a girl who assured me during our layover in Huston that I could tell her what bands I was looking forward to seeing and she “wouldn’t make fun of me.” Uh… thanks? I stopped worrying about that in eighth grade.

We met up with friends and our first stop was breakfast tacos at Mi Madre’s of course and then we were off to Sixth Street. My friend Jessica made a 60 page, bound list of all the shows she wanted to see complete with a cover page of pictures from last years SXSW. Yes. That is how she rolls. It was awesome. My first free drink of the festival was a Southern Comfort and coke at the Destroyer show. Although my compadres didn’t love the sound at the venue, I thought it was a solid set and their guitars sounded great. We then skipped around from venue to venue, or free drink to free drink. We caught the last few songs of Why?’s set. I shook my booty as he pounded on a snare drum and wailed thru the microphone.

Friday morning we started with free bloody mary’s at 11:30am and ended the day at an all nite diner at 3am. In between, I caught the first song of She and Him’s set, “This is Not a Test”, at the Current’s outdoor stage. Unfortunately, a combination of the 95 degree weather and all the guys around me shouting “you’re hot” at Zooey Daschenel, made me take off after that. We also caught Portland locals Atlas Sound at Emos and hot swede, Jens Lekman at the Hot Freaks party. Hot Freaks was probably my favorite day party we went to. We won free Saucony tennis shoes and drank a ton of free beer. The music was good and I’m definitely attending next year.

That night we went to the Ecstatic Peace showcase at Mohawks which was a Thurston Moore exstraveganza. He ended the showcase with an absolutely mind blowing set of songs off his new album and a Lou Reed cover. He also prompted us to coin the phrase “crowd-solo” after he let the crowd run their fingers along his guitar mid-song during his second encore.
Saturday was the day that I realized how short Elijah Wood really is. We got the day going once again with free bloody marys at the Bust magazine party where Elijah was dj’ing. We saw the Karen Carpenter-esque (meaning the lead singer, Kristin, was also the drummer) Grand Ole Party there too.

The real meat and potatoes of Saturday was at the night show at St. David’s church. I should preface this by saying, we had no wrist bands or badges for SXSW. People told us before we left that they just weren’t worth it and for the most part, we found this to be true. The only exception was this show. M. Ward followed by Jim James, of My Morning Jacket, in a 240 person capacity church. In retrospect, we probably shouldn’t have got in but we got there early and we were second in line. Ultimately, we lucked out and they let only 10 non-badge or wrist band people in. The show was close to spiritual. M.Ward only played a few songs solo before James joined him on stage. For the last song of his set, James raised his head and sang to the vaulted ceiling while the audience sat there stupefied at what they saw. As he walked off stage, the crowd was brought to their feet, yelling and screaming for more. And that’s how I pretty much feel about the whole South by Southwest experience. I’m still screaming for more. My normal life seems to have a void now and I can’t stop asking myself, where are the fake boobs and where are the tight jeans? I’ll definitely be back next year.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Etsy Love

Yo know, people can never get a treasury on etsy and I say screw it. I'm just going to post some faves here. I went thru Time Machine 2 (my personal fav way to shop on etsy) and found these awesom goodies:

This haircomb is from Electric Blue Bird's shop. So perfect for Spring!

Fabric Supplies sells this wonderful fabric on her shop and it's a good price too!

I love this purse from Never Enough Hours. We have a thing for nesting dolls in my house and I would love to carry this around!

More Crafty Wonderland Aftermath

The last few times I've done crafty Wonderland, there's been reporters from various local papers there. Once, I even talked one of them up and they took pictures of my stuff and my card but I never got any update on if the story ran and I never saw it anywhere. Anyway, the lovely ladies that put on CW, sent an email today with this link. it doesn't mention Antelope Baby by name but it does talk about my robot onesies! Yay! This is the closest the AB has ever come to commercial recognition. It's all smooth sailing from here. In all seriousness, it totally made my day.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dress Yo-Self

Crafty Wonderland was a good time even though sometimes I feel like my favorite part of the whole thing is the ridiculously cheap happy hour afterwards. Regardless, I had fun and met some fun people too! Of course, I totally forgot my camera so there are no pictures! Ahhh! I guess I can only do so much. I also finished a new dress this weekend. I got the pattern at Burda, it's the free tunic style dress and I got the awesome plaid fabric at Bolt, of course! The fit is a little funny but I love it anyway and look! I followed a pattern!

I also finally got these pictures from Alberta when we had company a few weekends ago. My wonderful friend Lauren came down from Seattle and met two of her sister's here as well. They love good food and fun shops almost as much as I do so it was a good match. We stopped by Office and a cool tea shop that I had actually never been in. It was one of the first nice days of the year and I got to enjoy too many cups of coffee at Tin Shed and have one of those perfect Portland days. So now I'm almost off to Austin for South by Southwest. I'll be stopping by the Bust free day party where you can make your own tote bag and also a ton of vintage and thrift stores in between seeing all the music we want! My new cotton dress should be perrfect for the weather!
Expect plenty of pictures when I come back!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Crafty Wonderland!

This Sunday, March 9th, I will be participating in my first craft show since the new year and also my first craft show in Portland without the boy's help. On a normal "show day", we will go to Doug Fir together, he will help me unload the car and grab me a cup of coffee. I'm so frazzled the day of a show. Usually, I've been up all nite for the past two days, I'm always freaked out that I don't have enough merchandise and I find myself carrying armloads of onesies and tables without enough caffeine, which is actually a pretty scary thing for me. Anyway, the boy will be in Arizona so I'll have to do without.
This weekend I'll have new onesie colors (purple! orange!) as well as a brand new product I've never sold before, postcards. I'm really excited about these cards and I hope people like them. I printed them all on gocco and I gave some of them away for Christmas but I've never tried to sell them before. It's a great way for me to print up some of the stuff I've made in my design class too! I'm so sorry I've been lacking in the picture department lately. It's hard to find good natural lighting in the winter when you work all day. But, no excuses. I'll post some pics from the show because I'm really excited about the new products!

And finally, these pictures I found on the internets of vintage patterns. Honestly, I've never been that good at sewing with patterns. My mom defintely taught me how when I was a kid, but as an adult I sew clothes mainly by laying out fabric, putting a garmet close to what I want to make on top of it, cutting around that garmet and copying the sewing. Does anybody else do this? Well, I'm somewhat hopeful that taking a look at these patterns will pump me up to get actually use a pattern everyonce in a while.

Crafty Wonderland
Doug Fir Lounge
Sunday March 9th

Monday, March 3, 2008

Please Welcome, Delman!

Definitely time to give the blog some love. Don't you think? Honestly, I haven't even had time to do anything very crafty lately. I did make the yellow felt balloons with ric-rac strings on the boy's birthday gifts and I made this awesome "card" out of an old container that is supposed to hold film negatives. I used the plastic holders inside to hold little typed messages of birthday love and small pictures of the two of us. The card is the plastic box with a blue cover in this photo.

Also, I forgot to post a picture of the boy's valentines gift. It's this cute little monster from this shop that we named Delman. In our house, all animals, stuffed or otherwise, must be named after Minnesota Twin's players and I guess Delman is one of their new pitchers. I'm just happy because Delman is actually a cute name. In past years I've had to choose from "Johann" and "Joey". While these names are just fine, I prefer something a bit more unique for stuffed animals.
Anyway, I have Crafty Wonderland coming up next weekend so I'll post some of the goodies I'm making for that, this week.