Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Never Too Late

This is a picture from New Years. Remember all that time ago when I said I'd do a new years post? yeah. uh. no.
Since I got my new camera, it seems I am taking pictures of every delicious meal or interesting sign I see. The whole digital thing really frees you up to capture every single aspect of your life (that would have been a really profound statement like three years ago before everyone got all tainted!)It's hard to even remember how time consuming and expensive film cameras were. I still have a polaroid that I LOVE but now, this is going on apparently. I have a few boxes of polaroids in my possession all from a few years ago when I stayed up late every nite giving my liver a tremendous workout. Ouch! Which actually brings me back to New Years Eve. This spur belongs to our bartender from that nite. She overserved me. I'm blaming her for my hangover the next day. Do you hear that lady bartender? Taking this picture is the last thing I remember doing that nite!

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