Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Never Too Late

This is a picture from New Years. Remember all that time ago when I said I'd do a new years post? yeah. uh. no.
Since I got my new camera, it seems I am taking pictures of every delicious meal or interesting sign I see. The whole digital thing really frees you up to capture every single aspect of your life (that would have been a really profound statement like three years ago before everyone got all tainted!)It's hard to even remember how time consuming and expensive film cameras were. I still have a polaroid that I LOVE but now, this is going on apparently. I have a few boxes of polaroids in my possession all from a few years ago when I stayed up late every nite giving my liver a tremendous workout. Ouch! Which actually brings me back to New Years Eve. This spur belongs to our bartender from that nite. She overserved me. I'm blaming her for my hangover the next day. Do you hear that lady bartender? Taking this picture is the last thing I remember doing that nite!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Too Early for Springtime Love?

Picture from this blog. Ooh! I totally want to try to do these myself!
Man, I'm ready. I made a floral print skirt last week (pictures soon, maybe, probably!) I've got 2 lovely bouquets in my small apartment which make it seem like I'm in a garden at all times and I also seem to be adding pink, blue and green accents to everything I own. (yesterday I took an old grey tshirt and sewed some cotton ruffles and ribbon to it. Lovely!)
Adding to my personal springtime, the weather in Portland has been fantastic for the past few days and I've been able to walk to dinner on a faraway street without arriving completely soaked from the rain. Score!
I'm hoping that our upcoming trip to Austin will further this feeling of sun and flowers and goodtimes. People in Portland really hide out during the winter so I can't wait to have more bocce in the park and beer on the patio with good Portland friends.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Be Mine?

Here are some Valentine's Day cards I made this weekend for the family. I didn't want to show the personal messages that I put inside but I typed them out on our typewriter. It looks really cute that way! I love valentine's day even though I know it's really cliche and "a holiday invented by the hallmark company" and whatever else you want to say about it. Forget it, I'm always in favor of a day celebrating love! Today I pulled out wallpaper, tissue, ribbon, sticky felt and silk floral items to create these cards. I always think it's cool to make cards by hand and my family seems to appreciate them! The one with the floral wallpaper is my favorite and it's going to my favorite valentine too! The rest I need to send out on Monday. As for the actual day, I think the boy and I will go to dinner. I'm rooting for Plata Negra for tapas or maybe Farm for tofu cutlets! Yum! We got eachother little gifts and I can't wait to give him mine which I bought off etsy. I will post a picture of that once it's been opened because it really is too cute.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Click, click, click ...

These are for a new project that I'm working on. Expect an update soon on all of that. I need to get one of those paper cutters that curves the edges of paper in order to complete it but I just haven't felt like getting around to that. It's been rainy and cold here which makes me completely lethargic.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And the best superhero name of all time goes to...

So I got these great craft magazines at this soda shop type place in St. Johns forever ago. I finally got around to looking at a few of them and had to share this awesome picture of the Dynamic Duo: sweater and tunic. This is from "The Workbasket and Home Arts Magazine" from March 1970. It even has the patterns so if you're interested, let me know and I'll send you the documents. Awesome.

Also, more Apartment Therapy love. I have been posting a lot of interior design shots lately but with good reason. The boy and I have been talking to a morgage lender and are probably going to be taking the plunge into home-ownership in the next few months! Yay! So there. THAT'S why I love this painted radiator so much. Also, it reminds me why I want a place to own. My apartment manger would kill me if I did this to our radiators. Party pooper.