Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ride 'Em Cowgirl!

Something that I really love about Portland is all the strange stuff I find on the street. That might sound wierd but really, Portland is a great place to walk around and see what other creative types have gone and done to make their surroundings a little more interesting. One of the things that is really popular to do is to use the metal rings that are frequent on the sidewalks here, to tie up plastic toy horses. I found this guy between our apartment and local grocery store.
Near my office I often find plastic toys. I'm not sure who's going around throwing their toys on the ground but it makes for an interesting walk from the coffee shop to the office. Last week I found different disconnected barbie parts on two separate days but I didn't have my camera, unfortunately. However, I did have my camera on the day I found this super special green guy. I ended up taking him back to my office where he now lives.

Here's a few other "I (heart) Portland" pictures from recent happenings. I can't believe we are creeping up on a year of living here. Lately a lot of great things have been happening and we've been meeting lots of new friends. It's funny how January is always the time of year where you think "this is it, all my hopes and dreams are going to be answered this year. THIS is the year where it all comes together." And then, of course, come June you're like "what happened? We're half way through the year and NOTHING has happened." Anyway, I'm happy to bask in the January glow while it lasts.

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