Sunday, January 6, 2008

On Such a Winter's Day

For the last weekend of 2007, the boy's 'rents came to town and we had a lovely day at the Portland Art Museum and Powells and awesome eats all day. First, we went to the Grand Central Bakery by Mississippi and I had a delicious chicken salad sandwhich.

Then we drove down to the museum. It was a really gorgeous Pacific Northwest winter day and I took advantage of the lite and took pictures of the church across from the museum, the museum stairs and wood blocks from the Chuck Close exhibit. If you haven't checked out Chuck Close I highly recommend it. This exhibit placed a lot of emphasis on his printing processes (hence the wood blocks) but there were a lot of prints as well. Unfortunately, I think it closed this weekend in Portland.

After the museum we took the street car down to Powell's and I picked up "It's So You", an anthology on fashion edited by Michelle Tea. This is definitely a must read for anyone that was made fun of for their fashion choices in junior high or high school. I know that one of my defining moments in fashion was when I wore bright purple high top Doc Martens to school and some cool girls wearing No Fear t-shirts called me Barney. Ahhh... memories. Anyhow, the evening ended happily at Henry's where we watched football games, ate pizza and drank hot toddies.

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