Saturday, January 12, 2008

nest, nest, nest

Lately I've been in nesting mode. No, not around the house, although, with the overflow of laundry in my bedroom and the ridiculous amount of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, maybe I should give my house a bit more love. I've actually been bulking up my fabric collection. My latest choice picks came from Bolt in our neighborhood and I can't wait to get some skirts made from these super rad fabrics.

I also have been working on an idea for a while of creating patchwork versions of black and white pictures. Here is my first one, a deer. I used different color fabrics (within the same color family) to represent the shading and muscles of the animal. I don't know. I think it turned out pretty rad. I'm going to iron it up and mount it on a piece of canvas panel. It should be pretty cool once it's all finished.