Friday, January 4, 2008

FINALLY! Some Original Content

So Christmas may be over but before I let go, here are some lovely images of beautiful gifts I recieved from the various craft swaps I did this holiday season. These were taken with my brand new Canon PowerShot SD1000, a gift from the boy which I am so in love with. Expect more pictures to come this weekend. I didn't realize how much I was in longing for a new camera until I got this from the best santa ever!
Here's some handmade ornaments from the ornament swap over at Cake and Pie and from my Jane's Designs secret santa. (ooh! Look at that pink tree...damn!)

Here's part of my holiday decor. I found these great little pink trees at the local store Flutter (one off my absolute favorite places to browse in the WORLD!) and that angel tealite holder is from Mary, my Secret Santa. She gave me so many great things! I'll post my Christmas Eve surprise soon! Also, the beautiful label of the '07 holiday blend by Anchor Brewing Company.

I love this beer, it is dark and flavorful. I guess they change the blend each year so I'll have to enjoy it until they stop selling it mid-January.
A new-years post to come soon! I am in a bit of mourning for 2007. I accomplished and learned so much! The most important lesson being the absolute power in saying what you want out loud and with conviction. I believe that so many of the things I feel proud of from the last 3 years came about because I told someone that I wanted them. It was just this year, however, that I figured out this connection. I don't mean to sound all crazy-craz but I encourage you to try it and see if it doesn't work for you as well. Who knows what may happen?

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