Saturday, November 17, 2007

Owl Time!

So, I've been obsessed with making these little owl guys for the last week. I found them on and they had a link the Moonstiches website where there's a tutorial to make these little guys. They are super easy and look great! I will definitely be giving them to some family members for the holidays as decorations. I added the window suction cup parts but they could also hang on the wall with some nails.
Finally, I also wanted to put a new picture up of my clothespin santa elves. I love them so much so I decided a proper picture was necessary.
I've been so busy lately with crafty stuff and I also got a cold so I've been trying to heal myself. I'm almost done with a couple Christmas gifts and I got my swap stuff out to my Secret Santa at Jane's Design blog. I'm also doing an ornament swap at Cake and Pie so I need to figure out what my ornament design will be. I love this time of year! Next week we're heading up to Seattle for family, turkey and friend time too!
This weekend there will definitely be an update in my etsy shop. I plan on adding a large amount of stuff over the next week so people can get there Christmas shoptime on.

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