Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Items Up on Etsy

I have been neglecting my etsy shop for the last month or two and then all of a sudden, I got 2 sales in a row. Isn't that the way?
Well, for the holidays, I DO plan on posting often up at my shop. About once I week from now until Christmas. If you need to get some shopping done or just want to take a look, check it out here. I'll even gift wrap your items for free, so you don't have to!
I'm amazed at how many creative types I know, who still don't know about etsy, or people who live here in Portland that don't know about Crafty Wonderland. I forget sometimes that not everyone is a crafter or an artist.
I should also mention that this weekend went awesome. I sold the most that I've ever sold at Crafy Wonderland, apparently, it's my month of craft! We also went to the farms on sauvie island and got pumpkins and warty gourds and lots of produce. I promise to post pictures later this week.


Jane's Designs said...

So glad your weekend went well. I love to hear positive things about shows.

Cute wrapping job, love that paper.

Jane's Designs said...

That wallet is so cute and the paper is darling. Just wanted to stop by and say hello.


Valerie said...

Those are beautiful! I love your etsy shop! I am a huge fan of the vintage look, especially the worn, tea stain sort of look. I think it's simply beautiful!