Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Baby One More Time!

Well, I had an awesome birthday complete with a beautiful gift from the boy from this amazing shop. It was perfect and I got lots of birthday greetings from people which felt great. Not everyone has forgotten me in Seattle! Now, on to more pressing matters: First, I'm going to be an aunt again! My sister just found out and I'm so excited. I love my neice and can't wait for a new neice or nephew. In appreciation of aunts and uncles everywhere, I'm posting this pic of Dom's niece Tess wearing her adorable Antelope Baby onesie. Every baby should be sporting these for Fall!
Second, we are saying goodbye to spiders and mildew and movin' on up! Up to the second floor of our building! I'm very happy about this but I've also become very aware of all the craft stuff and clothing I have that I'm not using. Last nite I filled 3 bags full of clothes that I'm giving away today! Whew, that feels good.

Finally, if you're in Portland tomorrow, stop by Last Thursday. I am working on new goodies. Oooohhh... they are so good!

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