Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another Wednesday, Another Update

This past weekend was super busy with lots of friends in town, lots of drinking and lots of karaoke! We also ate lots of good food. (Farm on E Burnside is amazing!) and now it looks like the next couple of weeks are going to be just as insane.
I wanted to post some pictures of this month's Crafty Wonderland. My new makeup bags were a success, I used this laminated cotton fabric that looks really good with the "cha cha" balls at the bottom.

Here's a photo of Dan and I at the Sauvie Island berry farm from earlier in the summer. It reminds me of how quickly the summer has gone and I can't believe that it's almost over. I haven't had hardly any time to spend outside and now I'm on the job hunt (again) which doesn't leave much time for me to catch up on sun time!
I'm working on some great craft stuff too right now but I don't have any pictures yet. I'm really interested in incorporating vintage with modern and I've been thinking about old and new and not letting everything blend together in one aesthetic. Anyway, pictures to come soon, I hope!

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