Friday, July 6, 2007

Woah! Where'd the time go?

I seriously have no idea what happened to the last 2 weeks. First, my etsy shop has been pretty busy. I've been working on items like this check book which I will post this weekend and I've already sold one item and had a request to custom make four of my card cases. These guys are made of recycled vinyl book covers. They are super sturdy and I am loving all the hilarious book titles.

We also had company this past weekend. The boy's parents were in town and we went to dinner at Ciao Vito and vistied Multnomah Falls and just had a tremendous time! This is us at Bridal Veil. My dad told me later that you are supposed to see the ghost of an indian princess in the water of the falls, but we mainly saw birds and rocks.
I'm trying to commit to regular blogging- next week I am going to do something crafty each day and post a pick of what I've made. Hopefully I can get re-energized!