Thursday, May 24, 2007

Knitty Kitty!

So of course, the boy gave me his cold. It's so hard to not pass illness back and forth when you're living with someone! While I was sick, I decided to use some embroidery patterns that I've had sitting around forever. I finally finished this one last nite. It's my first embroidered piece in a long time but I think it turned out alright. I hung it up above the toliet in the bathroom and I guess I'm pretty proud of it. I should also mention that it reminds me of this store here in Portland that I can't wait to go and explore!
Alright so I was also tagged by Jane (my swap partner) to give up 7 random things about myself. Ok:
1. The thing that excites me the most about this summer can be summed up in two words: Harry Potter
2. I can't garden worth a damn.
3. Even though I can talk smack all day long about people who drive and how it's bad for the environment, I actually love to drive.
4. I'm still pretty much afraid of the dark.
5. I have only 6 television channels and I still think that l watch too much tv!
6. I just got a library card for the first time in over 10 years.
7. Tyra Banks- has she lost her mind? That lady is crazy!

Okay, I'm off to work. Is it nice where you are because it's freakin' beautiful here!

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