Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Going Ons


Sorry I've been M.I.A., I'm adjusting to working seven days a week again and getting a lot settled at the new Wanderlust lot.

I'm also trying to figure out the 'future' of this blog. I have been wanting to do more fashion and outfit posts and less handmade and home decor. I'm not sure if that means I'll stay at Antelope Baby or maybe create something else. We shall see.

In the interim, here's a shot from my studio where I've been going near daily to work on inventory. Eventually it will all be set up and I'll share a tour of it here. Well, maybe!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Playing Dress Up: Halloween


I'm a big fan of Halloween. This year was fairly tame because we've just been so busy but Saturday nite our neighbors had a party and we went as caterers from Party Down which was totally fun and ended with three of us trying to open a coconut with a hammer at 2 in the morning. Whoops!


For Halloween itself, we didn't dress up. Instead I ran errands all day after opening up the Wanderlust online shop. Then we hung around home all nite with a large bowl of candy (I like Reeses peanut butter cups and tootsie pops!) which was pretty much perfect for a 'grown-up' Halloween.


So, although I didn't dress in costume for Halloween, I wore a pumpkin colored skirt with a Fall inspired ensemble. I can't believe it's already November, can you?

Here's what I wore: Hat: H&M / Sweater: Anthropologie (on sale a million and a half years ago) / Necklace: gift / Skirt: thrifted / tights: I have no idea! / Shoes: Walmart

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Living Room Upgrades


I must apologize for falling off the face of the earth at the end of last week. I have so many projects going on right now, it's a bit overwhelming. I am meeting a lot of goals and crossing things off my to do lists though and that feels fantastic. I wanted to show you photos of the house we stayed at in Bandon but it turns out that none of my photos of the place turned out.


I thought instead I'd share one of my '10 before 30' items in progress. Re-doing our living room! I went to my favorite October tradition, the antique expo, this weekend and picked up three new things for our living room. A vintage dental table, an oversized lowercase 'r' (for my maiden last name) and another vintage pendant, this one for the circus!


It can be so overwhelming at a large antique show or flea market. I find that focusing on one area of my house or having a short list of the types of items I'm looking for (small tables, love seat, wall art) helps me focus. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed and fall back on picking up small knick knacky items instead of stuff I could really use in my home. Staying focused really helps.

I also try to stick to the old home decor advice to 'buy what you love'. I considered passing on this dental table because I wasn't convinced it would 'go' with the rest of our living room. I decided to trust my gut and take it home. Once we set it down and threw some records on it, it was like it had always been there. Don't buy something because it's safe, buy something that will make you smile every time you see it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing Dress Up: The Swedish Bunkhouse


The day before the wedding we went to a huge crab feed with wine, a photobooth and a fun after party! Beforehand, I had the boy snap some photos of me in the sunroom at the 100 year old house we stayed at, called the Swedish Bunkhouse. It had all this exposed, unfinished wood and great furniture, we really loved staying there and I love how these photos turned out!



What I'm wearing: Hair pins: Anthropologie / Necklace: Forever 21 / Cardigan: Target / Dress: Modcloth / Tights: We Love Colors / Shoes: Walmart

We definitely want to go back to this place and stay with a group of friends. It was so inexpensive and could sleep 6-8 people. I have a few snapshots of it I'll share tomorrow, although I wish I had taken some better photos of it. It was such a special place to return to each evening after every fun wedding event!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Playing Dress Up: The Road to Bandon


This weekend we went to one of the most fun weddings I've ever been too. My lovely friend Erin (my boutique soul mate who runs Lodekka, a vintage shop in a double decker bus) married her hilarious partner in crime, Brian. We made the trek to a town called Bandon on the southern Oregon coast Thursday, stayed in a 100 year old house for three days, and got home Sunday evening exhausted but happy.


This is what I wore on day one of the trip, Thursday, as we made the drive and then later karaoked with other wedding guests. We took I-5 down to Eugene and then cut across to the coast on a small highway. That's where we took these photos. We slammed on the breaks when we saw this teeny old one bedroom home placed precariously atop a train bridge. How amazing is that! Once we reached the coast we drove another two hours through dunes and past gorgeous ocean views to get to the wonderful town of Bandon. I've got more to share about this trip, including a couple other outfit posts, coming this week too.

What I wore: Necklace: Forever 21 / Dress: Tucker for Target / Cardigan: Target / Leggings: H&M / Boots: Steve Madden

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I've mentioned before that I'm an unashamed Android phone user. Even though our house is an 'Apple products only' place, Tmobile has been my cell phone carrier for 10 years and I'm just not ready to quit them. Unlimited internet on my phone is a plus too.
Anyway, in a story too unbelievable to tell in detail here, I recently got the MyTouch Slide phone for free. A $500 phone for free. I am awesome.
And what's the first thing I do with this phone? Download the FXCamera app. And although I am sort of against these sort of apps on priciple, being the Lomography/toy/analog camera lover that I am, they sure do make a snap shot look good.
All of a sudden we're not just 'sitting at lunch hungover'. No, no, no. The photos make it look like we jumped out of 1976 and onto your computer screen. We look like cool kids, our photos suddenly look more interesting. Alright, alright- you get the picture (haha! pun!).
This is all my way of telling you I have cute photos to share! Horray!


My only complaint is I keep seeing these cute books and magnets you can instantly create with the Instagram app and that's not available for Androids yet. I would love to create a little book of my cell phone photos but first, I should do one of all the boy's fun Diana mini shots. Just so I'm not a complete sell-out.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photoshoot Weekend

A couple weeks ago I signed a lease on a studio space. It houses my back stock of vintage clothing, and soon, my sewing machine and some of my sewing supplies. I've been spending a lot of free time painting, unloading clothes and otherwise rearranging (although it's not perfect yet- see above. This weekend I took my friend Jill over there for a photoshoot. We used my studio as a styling/changing room and then walked the three blocks down to the water and shot some great photos.


It was a pretty fun way to spend a Sunday morning. After wards we were starving so we headed over to La Petite Provence for lunch (Jill's only requirement for eating- french onion soup).

Mainly I loved having a spot to go through my backstock of dresses, purses and other accessories and come up with a variety of outfits to shoot. I'm on the search for a more stable table (I currently have a flimsy Ikea version) so I can finally bring my sewing machine down there.

There's something so refreshing about organizing a new space, don't you think?